Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Sakai Takayuki Shikisai Collections

Japanese knives are known for their longevity, premium blade materials, supreme quality, wear resistance, and the ability to craft the authentic, Japanese delicacies like no other. Japan, home to traditional and authentic culinary equipment like those of Japanese knives and pottery, is also a dream destination for professionals and culinary experts to train themselves in order to hand-craft Japanese delicacies and mouth-watering, delicious sushi pieces.

Japanese knife brands out in the market compete against each other with reasonable pricing, handle materials, blade quality, and other special features. However, among knife users, there are only a few Japanese knife brands that truly earn the trust and are actually worth the purchase. Among those, Sakai Takayuki is Japan’s top Japanese knife brand with releases of supreme quality series and models that feature high-end materials, making it the best-selling brand with a popularity that expanded worldwide.

Sakai Takayuki is renowned for its unique blades with extremely sharp edges and the variety of knife types made out of numerous materials to choose from. Sakai Takayuki knives are considered Japan’s top-quality knives that not only shines with unique, traditional beauty Japanese knives should own, but also through the fine selections of materials and steels that further elevate the bars of standard a perfect blade needs to have.

With a wide variety of Sakai Takayuki knife models and series out there, the selection of one great blade companion may be confusing. However, if one knows which knife is needed to serve different processes and purposes, it is not at all a challenging task. Specifically, when it comes to choosing a Sakai Takayuki knife, making a final decision won’t be hard – Sakai Takayuki forges supreme quality knife series with all detailed explanations and descriptions to aid users scan through which ones they’d like to purchase and have in possession.

Among Sakai Takayuki’s top knife series and models, the Shikisai series are traditionally forged blades that showcase the true Japanese beauty through unique designs and a combination of premium materials that make up the blade bodies and handles. This unique series will work well with first-time users, beginners, and even for professionals as the blades are forged with a dedication to enable users to freely and independently utilize the knife with a wide variety and a combination of techniques.

This Sakai Takayuki Shikisai knife series feature the Yanagiba which comes with a wide variety of steel types, blade materials, handle materials, and varying sheath types. The Shikisai series mainly feature two steel types: INOX or stainless steel and the Kasumitogi or white steel.

These two premium steel types are of high quality and are the two steels that guarantee users with extreme blade sharpness that exceeds the standard. Expect excellent blade holding capacity and high performance as the blade equips extremely hard and tough steel types, being the strong pillars of balance and strength.

Shikisai’s beautiful and unique D-shaped handle is made out of Magnolia with a coating layer of hygienic, food-grade Urethane which allows a comfortable and simple grip despite long hours of usage. Original Saya sheath designs are as well appreciated and loved among knife collectors, as the combination of classic colors and patterns compliment the blades very well and offer the authenticity and uniqueness Japanese knives need to feed the desires of users and collectors alike.

Highly recommended as a gift for loved ones or as a true blade companion for the making of mouth-watering sushi and sashimi dishes, Japanese food chefs and professionals would love to have Sakai Takayuki’s Shikisai knife series in possession to continuously craft Japanese delicacies with confidence.